Why Donate?


Lets keep it simple:

Reason #1

Your donation will help us to make everything we do for free for everyone and is a true help for young musicians on their way to become stars of tomorrow because you support the bridge (Joseph Haydn International Youth Competition) between them and professionals.

Reason #2

You help us to motivate youth because with your help you make the dreams of a new music instrument and new opportunities come true. You support new Oistrachs, Busonis, Rachmaninows, Heifetzs, Horowitzs, Neuhauses of tomorrow from all over the world.

Reason #3

With your donation you support only the Joseph Haydn International Youth Competition and all educational activities around it. Your donations have solely this purpose and nothing else.

Reason #4

Supporting art and art projects has always been fruitful and useful for a particular society and the whole mankind. Just an example: without Medici in medieval Florence there would have never been any Da Vincis, Donatellos, Botticellis, Michelangelos and Galileos. Who knows how we would have been living now without Renaissance and Enlightenment. You are our Medici.

Reason #5

If you donate 10$ or more you will be put on the most viewable point of our website forever. Yes. Promise. And we give you even more: all of our sponsors will receive exclusive specials from us but some of them will get very special things because of the simple logic: the more you give the more you get in return.